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My name is Helen and for over 10 years I have been a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist, providing massage therapy to women of all ages and specialising in pregnancy massage.


Since going through the menopause myself and talking with clients who have been going through it at the same time, I have realised how terribly overlooked and under supported this crucial time in a woman’s life is.


Do you feel confused, fearful, anxious, and uncertain about what can really help you navigate the menopause? I know how it feels trying to function in a brain fog, on very little sleep due to night sweats and just feeling numb to everything. I was unsure where to start and needed to talk to someone I could trust to advise me. I found that having my symptoms under control gave me back my life!

I was stunned by the unaffordability of menopause services and I wanted to provide more accessible support. Now, as a qualified Menopause Wellness Practitioner my aim is to guide women towards a healthier and happier menopause experience.

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